Our current heart disease studies

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Is your Cholesterol in Balance?

Synexus are currently looking for volunteers to take part in clinical studies which have been designed to assess new medications that may help to reduce the likelihood of future cardiac events in patients with high cholesterol or unbalanced cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol is made up of several components; some are considered to be good (HDL-C) and some can have a significant impact on heart health such as bad cholesterol (LDL-C), keeping them in balance is important for your heart health.

If you have been treated for your high cholesterol and have had a cardiac event or heart risk factors (as defined below), we would like to hear from you to check your cholesterol levels and see if one of our current research studies could be suitable for you.

We are looking for patients who are:

  • Currently taking a cholesterol lowering medication or have stopped taking one due to side effects and
  • Have had 1 or more cardiac events or heart risk factors:

Cardiac events - a heart attack, stroke or angina, coronary artery bypass, angiogram, had a stent fitted

Heart risk factors – diabetes, family history of heart disease, have poor circulation in your legs (known as Peripheral Arterial Disease), currently smoke, have a history of high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, male over 55 years of age, female over 65 years of age (as age in itself is a heart risk factor)

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